Winner Kohrabi Seed Packet

$ 4.00 

Winner Kohrabi Seed Packet
Winner Kohrabi Seed Packet
Winner Kohrabi Seed Packet
Winner Kohrabi Seed Packet

Winner Kohlrabi
Brassica Oleracea

Kitazawa Seed Co.
90-100 seeds per packet

days to maturity: 44-55 days
plant spacing: 4 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours
look out for: aphids in the growing tip
harvest notes: harvest whole veggie at the base, eat the greens too!

If you ask us, kohlrabi is one of the most under appreciated super awesome vegetables out there! We like to tell confused customers and CSA members that its like a mix between a broccoli stem and an apple. Eat it raw (after peeling) and it'll brighten up any salad or crudite platter with its fresh and simple taste and crunchy texture, or cook it like you would a broccoli raab or even kale. As a cousin to broccoli its flavor is very similar, and like broccoli the leaves are edible too! Easy to grow and easy to eat.. a winning combination for a home gardener veggie! Don’t pack more than 4 plants per square foot, keeping it to 2 or 3 per square foot is safer but if you have lots of sun and can keep the aphids at bay you can try the higher plant count. Instead of direct seeding we recommend starting these plants in cell trays and transplanting them at around 3 weeks old.