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Cucumbers are best grown in South Florida during early fall and late spring, so the very "shoulders" of our veggie growing season. While they can be tricky due to common pest issues they are certainly rewarding to grow in the garden, as they are fun to watch mature and taste great freshly picked. Cucumbers are vines that need to be trellised so keep that in mind when choosing where to plant them. While we generally avoid the wimpy metal cages that places like Home Depot sell for tomatoes they are actually well suited to the needs of a cucumber plant, so thats an easy to find and affordable trellising solution for your cucumber plants. 

If you're hoping to plant more than 1 or 2 plants consider swinging by the seeds section of our online store and grabbing a packet there instead of live plants, as they do well when direct seeded in your garden too.

All live vegetable starts are potted in 4" round plastic pots unless otherwise noted in the description and are approximately 6 weeks old.