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Determinate tomatoes are also referred to as "bush tomatoes" because they grow like a bush instead of like a vine. Determinate tomatoes reach a maximum height of about 6 feet and then stop growing, and they make all of their fruit at once, instead of constantly growing taller and taller and making more and more fruit. Consider growing a determinate plant if you don't have much experience with trellising and pruning an indeterminate plant, or if you are short on space. Many of the tomatoes at the grocery store are determinate varieties, because the plants are so much easier to manage in the field or garden. Also, those wire hoop trellises sold at home improvement stores are designed for use with determinate plants, an indeterminate will eat that wire hoop structure for breakfast!

All live vegetable starts are potted in 4" round plastic pots unless otherwise noted in the description and are approximately 6-8 weeks old.