Anahu Salad Tomato

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Anahu Salad Tomato
Anahu Salad Tomato
Anahu Salad Tomato
Anahu Salad Tomato

Anahu Tomato
Solanum Lycopersicum

days to maturity: 75 days
plant spacing: 1 per square foot, trellised
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours hours
look out for: all the pests love tomatoes, they require a good amount of management
harvest notes: harvest fruit after allowing it to vine ripen

Produced by a Hawaiian tomato breeder, who named the Anahu variety after one of his students who died in the Korean war. This is a very productive variety that produces round, uniform ripening, red fruit with very sweet flavors. A good choice for hot & humid climates. Resistant to the common root knot nematode, fusarium wilt, gray leaf spot and one strain of spotted wilt virus. It is also tolerant to tobacco mosaic virus. The fact that its resistant to root knot nematode is very important to us South Florida growers. If you had nematode damage on your tomatoes last year consider trying a resistant variety this year to see how its growth is improved.

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