Miss Hong Napa Cabbage

$ 5.00 

Miss Hong Napa Cabbage
Brassica Rapa

days to maturity: 52 days
plant spacing: 2 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 8 -14 hours
look out for: worms like to hang out in the center of the plant
harvest notes: cut whole heads at soil level when you feel the top of the cabbage and its firm

Napa cabbage is a cool season annual vegetable which grows best when the days are short and mild. The plant grows to an oblong shaped head consisting of tightly arranged crinkly, thick, light-green leaves with white prominent veins. Innermost layer leaves feature light yellow color. In Korean cuisine, napa cabbage is the main ingredient of baechu kimchi, the most common type of kimchi, but is also eaten raw as a wrap for pork or oysters, dipped in gochujang. The outer, tougher leaves are used in soups. It can be used in stir-fry with other ingredients such as tofu, mushroom and zucchini.

Miss Hong is a new variety of Napa Cabbage whose leaves are dark maroone/purple but the veins and stems are green. Its new this year in all the seed catalogs so we had to get it!