Lippia Alba

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Lippia Alba
lippia alba

days to maturity: 

plant spacing: 4 square feet per plant
sunlight requirement: 6 - 14 hours
look out for: 
harvest notes: harvest leaves when needed by pruning the tip, it will promote bushy growth

Lippia Alba is a much beloved medicinal plant that grows throughout South & Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and because of its long standing prevalence in so many countries it goes by about 100 names! In the South Florida medicinal community we just refer to it by its latin name, and because it grows so well its become quite popular with local tropical herbalists. The plant grows to be a small shrub and if left wild has quite a rangy growth pattern, but it can be pruned when harvested to keep it more compact. For an explanation of medicinal properties and uses check out this profile of the plant compiled by the Florida School of Holistic Living, its super comprehensive. The leaves has a lemony scent and flavor when used in tea, and in parts of Oaxaca its an ingredient in Mole sauce.