Picotee Cosmos Seed Packet

$ 3.00 

Picotee Cosmos
Cosmos bipinnatus

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Approx 70 seeds per packet

days to maturity: 80-90 days
plant spacing: 4 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 10-14 hours
look out for: not having enough sun for abundant blooms
harvest notes: Harvest flowers daily once they bloom for continual production, or just enjoy on the plant and dead head before they make seeds. 

Cosmos are best grown during the coolest time of the year here in Miami. They aren't really the most climate appropriate plant but they do produce, and so for those of you who absolutely love their blooms its worth giving them a go. The whispy plants can topple over if they dont get enough sun, and make sure theres sun for them to make flowers too! Enjoy these delicate little beauties in your winter garden.