Louise Filippe Rose 3 gallon

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Louise Filippe Rose 3 gallon
Louise Filippe Rose 3 gallon
Louise Filippe Rose 3 gallon
Louise Filippe Rose 3 gallon

Louise Filippe Rose Bush
Rosa chinensis

days to maturity: 
plant spacing: 1 plant per 4 square feet
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours
look out for: black spot, especially during summer 
harvest notes: pick roses when open

While roses have a reputation for not doing well in South Florida, many cultivars of the China rose will actually thrive fairly easily, Louise Filippe being one of the most common ones. According to the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, this rose variety was so commonly grown in Florida in the 19th century that it was given the nickname "Florida Cracker Rose", after the Florida Cracker. Your rose plant will be happy in well draining soil and full sun, since it doesn't love wet feed or intense humidity. The fungal issue that makes many roses futile to grow in Florida is called black spot, and while Louise Filippe roses are susceptible they apparently are less so than other varieties and will outgrow it quickly. 

Prune regularly to promote new growth since flowers come from the new growth. All roses need slightly acidic soil, which you can achieve by adding a soil acidifier like “Organic Rose-tone” by Epsoma or any similar organic acid mix. Roses also prefer pine needle mulch since it has been shown to control black spot (a common fungal issue that attacks roses in humid areas) and when they decompose they naturally acidify the soil under them. 

This rose is nice and fragrant and can be used for edible or medicinal purposes.