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Our curated selection of seeds focuses on climate appropriate veggies and greens that are meant to be "direct seeded" into your garden, instead of started in pots or seedling trays and transplanted into your garden after care in a nursery. Many root veggies like radishes & carrots don't like to have their root systems disturbed, which is why we don't sell plants of them in the nursery. Beans too!  Add to that the fact that people typically plant "patches" of these veggies instead of just one plant, and its clear that a packet of seeds is a smarter and more economical choice for growing these crops. 

Each veggie type requires a different spacing when direct seeded into your garden so make sure to read the instructions on your seed packet before planting. Also make sure to familiarize yourself with the concept of "thinning" because about 14 days after you seed things like carrots and radishes in your garden you will need to thin them so that they can mature properly. Here is a helpful video on thinning. 

As for the seed packets that we produce, the rule of direct seeding does not apply! There are planting instructions for each species in their item description.

We no longer offer shipping on our Kitazawa & Southern Exposure seed packets as they can be purchased directly from their producers online. If you want to purchase our seed packets for shipping to your home visit our new plant boutique,