Culinary Thyme

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Culinary Thyme
Culinary Thyme
Culinary Thyme
Culinary Thyme

culinary thyme
thymus serpyllum

days to maturity: 90 days
plant spacing: 1 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours hours
look out for: overwatering causing rotting
harvest notes: prune off whole branches at base

Thyme is another culinary herb that makes bringing fresh flavor to the kitchen an easy process. It thrives in hot conditions, loves full-sun, and doesn’t need constant watering or attention. Plant thyme in both containers and within the garden. In order to obtain the best and most potent flavor, harvest thyme just before the plant flowers. Thyme is one of those herbs, like oregano or sage, which tastes great both fresh and dried. Clip a few sprigs as needed and also give your plants a  nice haircut every now and then when they get too big and dry your harvest in a dehydrator in put the oven on low.

We offer thyme as a plant for sale in South Florida because we know how much people want to grow it and occasionally we see it doing well in gardens but beware, it can be challenging growing thyme successfully here due to the humidity. Do not put your thyme anywhere remotely shady or wet, and dont try to plant it outside of the fall & winter growing season. Thyme is also used medicinally for lung & throat issues like cough & sore throat, wound healing, lowering blood pressure & digestive health.

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