Worm Whisperer Compost, 10 pound grow sack

$ 25.00 

Worm Whisperer Compost
10 pound grow sack

When we teach gardening classes or talk to home gardeners about how to keep their garden happy and healthy the conversation inevitably turns time and time again to the importance soil life, and thusly of compost. Not the bagged “composted stuff” that home depot sells, but real living organic matter full of beneficial soil microorganisms, worms, and biodiversity that brings your soil to life. Besides being a soil life inoculant, homemade compost like the kind Zarron from The Worm Whisperer makes locally from restaurant kitchen scraps and mulched material performs an array of additional tasks in the garden. Compost regulates soil pH, increases cation exchange capacity in your soil (google it!), allows for the easy absorption of NPK by your plants root systems, increases the ability for your soil to retain water and water soluble nutrients, and also acts as a natural fertilizer because it contains healthy amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Carbon; the building blocks of plants. While this small bag may seem pricey true composted organic material is hard to make because it involves collecting the material, turning it, waiting for it to compost, and then sifting it to remove the large pieces, so it really is a labor of love that produces a priceless material!

One 10 pound bag should be added to a 4 x 8 foot raised bed as a way to activate the biological activity in your soil during fall planting. Compost isn’t forever and is used by your plants and oxidizes into the atmosphere so if you have continued access to finished compost use it to top dress your garden once its planted throughout the season. And if you dont have continued access to compost, then we highly recommend you consider starting a compost pile at home to fix that problem! Composting is a critical step in your veggie gardening process and in increasing the environmental sustainability of your home.