Zephyr Squash

$ 4.00 

Zephyr Crookneck Squash
Curcurbita Pepo

days to maturity: 54 days
plant spacing: 2 square feet
sunlight requirements: 10-14 hours
look out for: powdery mildew & worms
harvest notes: harvest male flowers to eat and fruit at 4-6”

Zephyr is a French Farms tried and true summer squash variety that we love to plant in home gardens because its so easy to grow and delicious. Homegrown super fresh summer squash like this taste like a mild artichoke instead of a bland watery squash log. To grow squash well at home you really need lots of sun (over 10 hours) and lots of space (2 square feet per plant) because mildew is a big issue with plants grown in too much shade, and home gardeners often underestimate the mature size of a producing plant. Summer squash can be eaten at absolutely any stage of growth including miniature, with the flower still on, at which point it’s a culinary delicacy.