Lava Flow Tomato

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Lava Flow Tomato
Lava Flow Tomato
Lava Flow Tomato
Lava Flow Tomato

Solanum Lycopersicum

days to maturity: 75 days
plant spacing: 1 per square foot, trellised
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours hours
look out for: all the pests love tomatoes, they require a good amount of management
harvest notes: harvest fruit after allowing it to vine ripen

We got these heirloom seeds from Gary Cass on The Big Island of Hawaii. After growing this and tasting the fruit, we are excited to feature this new variety for you. Named by Gary for the colors and striping that look like the lava that flows from Pu’u ‘O ‘o’, the cinder/ spatter cone in the eastern rift zone of the Kilauea volcano.

Short indeterminate plants produce 2”, round, light orange tomatoes with subtle green and darker orange vertical striping. The inside flesh is a pastel blush of yellow and pink. The tomatoes are juicy and contain complex, intriguing, well-balanced, fruity flavors that invite you into your next bite with a smile on your face. This is a wonderful salad tomato or just for snacking.