"Auntie Lillis" South Sea Salad Tree

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"Auntie Lillis" South Sea Salad Tree
"Auntie Lillis" South Sea Salad Tree
"Auntie Lillis" South Sea Salad Tree
"Auntie Lillis" South Sea Salad Tree

"Auntie Lillis" South Sea Salad Tree
abelmoschus manihot

days to maturity: 
plant spacing: 1 plant every 4 square feet
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: caterpillars and aphids
harvest notes: harvest large leaves as needed

This is a new plant for us but its in a family of plants that we are super familiar with, the hibiscus family. We have seen this super cool ornamental edible hibiscus leaf at a few other farms over the years and have always wanted to get our hands on some and we finally secured a source for healthy plant material! Each plant is a bit different in its variegations; some are mostly green with red specks, some are mostly red with green and white variegation, but they all look super cool especially when they flower, as they make two toned hibiscus flowers. 

Edible hibiscus is typically used either quick cooked or raw, as its leaves can get slimy if overcooked. The leaves of hibiscus family plants are high in vitamins A & C and in iron. 

While this plant is called a salad tree we read that its max height is about 9 feet, so its more like a salad shrub. Prune it regularly to keep the new growth low to the ground and to keep the plant nice and bushy.