A consultation is the best way to get one-on-one information about your specific garden, whether it is an existing garden that you are struggling with or a future garden you are planning. Put our many years of tropical farming and home gardening experience to use. on your unique project.

Consultations typically last 1 hour and cost $165. As part of the consultation you will get a copy of our Into to Vegetable Gardening syllabus which is full of relevant information and resources for gardening in South Florida. How we spend the time is totally up to you; any questions you have saved up, pests you need identified, or designing, drawing and measuring can be tackled.

Many consultation clients end up hiring us to work on their garden projects, in which case we will credit the fee paid for the consultation towards work done in their garden.

To schedule a garden consultation email us at mail@littlerivercooperative.com or call Tiffany at 305-336-0722

Our goal is to empower people to be self reliant and successful in growing their own food.