We specialize in raised bed garden installations that include a wide selection of seasonal plants.

Edible plants follow seasons and so do we. Depending on the time of year our garden installation services vary to reflect the natural cycles of our subtropical climate.

A garden can be any size

Our many years of farming experience are well suited to helping others grow their own herbs and vegetables. Whether you are interested in raised beds full of annual vegetables or a more long term tropical food forest, or even containers full of greens and herbs for your balcony we can help you get started and increase your success. Our installations vary in price and scope, starting at $895 for a single 4'x8' raised bed and ranging up to large vegetable gardens made up of multiple raised beds, fruit trees and butterfly plants.

A standard garden installation

A common garden set up includes two of our standard raised beds, which measure 4’x8’x10” deep and are constructed of pressure treated pine. These beds provide 32 square feet of growing space each and we recommend dedicating one to kitchen herbs and greens for a weekly supply of salad. A second raised bed planted with vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers is ideal because they require more space. Standard raised beds cost start at $895 each and can be purchased as a single garden box or in multiples of two or more. We have a few options to choose from including wood beds, metal beds and planters with legs which are well suited for patios, decks and balconies.

If you'd like to consider a vegetable garden installation for your home, school or restaurant the next step is to book a 15 minute call with us to start going over details. We'll discuss your location and the requirements needed for a successful garden. We'll also help you figure out how many raised beds make sense for your needs. Setting up a vegetable garden is relatively easy, but there are a few key things to consider that will help you get started.