Hire us to install a veggie garden in your home, workplace or school

A common garden set up includes two of our standard raised beds, which measure 4'x8'x10" deep and are constructed of pressure treated pine. These beds provide 32 square feet of growing space each and we recommend dedicating one to kitchen herbs and greens for a weekly supply of salad greens. A second raised bed planted with vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers is ideal because they require more space.

Garden Maintenance

As gardeners who have been growing food in South Florida for a long time we acknowledge that the learning curve might be a bit more steep than some people think. Over the years we've developed our maintenance services to help more people experience success in their home gardens. We are available for routine maintenance of vegetable gardens and we also offer one-off maintenance visits to get your garden up to speed if you prefer to continue the majority of the upkeep yourself.

Garden Consultations

Garden consultations are best suited for those people who already have a vegetable garden and need information to manage it or are considering building their own garden. Our South Florida growing climate can be quite challenging because it is difficult to find resources relevant to our unique tropical climate. Put our collective gardening and farming experience to use by having one of our master gardeners speak with you about your garden, your specific micro-climate, soil and best practices for organic vegetable gardening.

Get inspired to grow your own garden! Check out some of the gardens we have built.