Our Garden Services

Garden Project Consultation

Our in-person garden project consultations are the first step to help you create your dream edible garden. Leveraging our agricultural expertise, we offer site-specific advice on garden layout and unique growing conditions in South Florida. During the visit, we will:

  • Assess your space for optimal garden placement based on sun exposure.

  • Understand your household’s needs to create a personalized garden plan.

  • Recommend suitable crops and explain organic growing methods.

When a project features a simple kitchen garden you will receive a quote for installation. Projects with a bit more complexity will be followed up with a quote to begin the design process with our team. If you proceed with our services, the consultation fee of $335 will be credited toward the final bill.

Expect a 1-1.5 hours on-site visit.


Garden Design

Garden design is a creative and collaborative process. We’ll be meeting to talk about your budget as well as aesthetic preferences, how you want your garden to look and feel when you and your family walk through it. How many raised beds will be in your kitchen garden, what kind of walkway leads you there, is there a fire pit or outdoor dining area? These are all questions we’ll consider during this part of the process.

Once the design direction is set our in house landscape designer develops detailed plans that encompass every aspect of your garden's layout. Our documentation includes planting lists, hardscaping elements and specifications for any necessary site preparations


Garden Installation Services

With over 15 years of experience in South Florida building edible gardens in residential, educational and hospitality settings, our team is ready to bring your garden vision to life. We have the most experience with building kitchen gardens, using metal planters or custom wood designs to match the aesthetic of your home. Our team coordinates every detail of construction, from site preparation and irrigation to planter installation. One of the things that makes us unique is that we run our own edible plant nursery, which means we have access to a large variety of high quality starter plants. We will guide your plant list using our background in organic farming to help you choose crops most likely to succeed during every season of the year.


Organic Garden Maintenance

After garden installation is complete, we offer garden maintenance services specifically for kitchen gardens and pollinator gardens because these types of gardens require routine care to stay productive and beautiful.

Our experienced maintenance team can visit your garden on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly routine to take care of everything from harvesting to pest management. We bring things like new plants and seeds to switch out crops, trellises, organic fertilizers and tools necessary to keep your garden healthy, productive and aesthetically pleasing.

We welcome you to join us during our visits if you’d like to learn more about edible gardening. We’ll always keep you up to date with what is going on in your garden and work with you to curate the planting list to suit your preferences.


Planning On Doing It Yourself?

If you are planning on building yourself a garden we can help with that too! Our culinary plant nursery stocks everything you need to build your own raised beds, from virtual and in person workshops to wooden or metal bed kits, organic veggie soil, seedlings of all shapes and sizes, seeds, and organic fertilizers. Customers are welcome to visit our nursery one weekend per month. Check out our "Visit Us" page to learn more.