Our favorite veggie gardening tools.

We've assembled a collection of our very most relied upon tools to share with you. From our favorite hand tools to season appropriate seed packets from some legendary seed companies, we've got everything your garden needs for success.

Shop for seed packets

Some plants, like beans and radishes, don't like being transplanted and so we recommend you buy them as seeds and sprinkle them directly in your garden. Shop our collection of South Florida friendly direct seeding varieties from 3 different seed producers:

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed
Kitazawa Seed Co.

Plus our collection of farm grown specialty tropical varieties.

If you don't see the seed variety of your choice that means we don't recommend direct seeding it in your garden.  

OMRI Certified Organic fertilizers.

Fertilizer isn't a bad word... it just means plant food! Certified Organic plant food is made from real ingredients like kelp & turkey meal and helps grow your plants strong & healthy. We also sell a small selection of Certified Organic pesticides for managing your pest issues responsibly.

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