Our virtual workshops are available on a sliding scale price. The lowest price, our "institutional" price is for use by teachers at public schools who are incorporating gardening into their curriculum or anyone who is running or involved in a nonprofit organization focused on the intersection of social justice, the environment, food justice and/or sustainability.

Virtul Workshops during Covid-19

For the past 6 years we have been teaching an introductory veggie gardening workshop for beginner gardeners at our urban farm & plant nursery. Covid-19 has moved the workshop online, but we are still just as excited to share all of our knowledge & resources with you this season. One other big change to our gardening workshop is that we've decided to make it into a series! In the past we tried to cram all of our most essential tips and tricks into one 3 hour info-bonanza. It could be challenging for people to soak it all in. This season we are splitting the workshop into 4 sections that will focus on what is happening in your garden during each specific season. Fall and Winter are available now, Spring and Summer are coming soon!


Video one is our "fall" section and it focuses on starting a new veggie garden in your yard & planning its initial planting. We start with an hour long lecture-style discussion on topics such as picking the right location for a garden, the USDA hardiness zone map and how to use it, soil types, plant spacing and our list of easy to grow crops. After the lecture we move on to a hands on demonstration where we install & plant a standard 4 x 8 foot raised bed. We will go through all of the steps outlined in the lecture, show you how we chose the location, how we built the raised bed, and we plant some popular herbs in the garden to show you our favorite planting & watering techniques.


Video two is our "winter" section and it focuses on what to do to continue working in your garden after your main fall planting. This video also starts with an hour long lecture on topics like crops for cooler weather, succession planting for continual harvest through the season as well as methods for continued organic fertility and pest management. After that we move on to a hands on demonstration where we use the verdant fields of French Farms to show some hands on techniques like thinning root crops, harvest lettuce and herbs using the "cut and come again" method and farmer Chris French will walk us through his tomato patch so we can see his trellising and pruning methods in action.


We strive to be examples of how individuals can make a difference in their urban environment by sharing resources on composting, suburban backyard food gardening, growing & making plant medicine and becoming more resilient community members in the process. Our Youtube channel has a handful of videos that could be great resources for anyone interested in growing food in South Florida.  


We get a lot of emails from community members looking for help learning about farming, gardening, and all aspects of the local food community. We have an ongoing list of links in the following categories:

Fellow Farmers, Gardeners & Exciting Plant Projects

Local Herbalists & Bee Keepers

Farm, Garden & Food Books

Websites and Organizations for Online Learning & Research

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Whether it's through an educational workshop, a quick stop at our farmers market booth, or a visit to our edible plant nursery we strive to always be empowering our customers to grow their own food & medicine at home through education & exposure to farming in an urban environment.

- Muriel and Tiffany