Our edible plant nursery has been growing and sourcing high quality vegetable, tropical fruit, culinary herb & spice plants for Miami residence for more than 10 years. We use all OMRI certified inputs in our seedlings (potting mix, fertilizers & pesticides) however we are not certified organic.

We pride ourselves on our diverse selection of varieties ranging from easy to grow classics like kale and tomatoes to hard to find rare plants like black pepper vine and klip dagga. We take the utmost care to keep our plants healthy and we use living soil that contains fungal and microbial inoculants and locally made compost.

Please note we have changed our opening hours for 2024 and we are no longer open every weekend. Check our opening dates below or subscribe to our calendar.


The Nursery
Visit us at the nursery to shop for plants, soil, seeds and other gardening supplies. While you are here feel free to explore the fields of our sister farm French Farms.  

We are nestled in the Castellow Hammock preserve at
22305 SW 157th Avenue, Redland FL 33170

June 1st & 2nd, 10am - 5pm
July 6th,& 7th 10am - 5pm

The Legion Park Farmers Market runs all summer long rain or shine, however we only participate from November through April. We have been selling at this market for 10 years and we consider it the very best market in Miami. Urban Oasis Project brings a diverse selection of vendors together including local farms French Farms, Tiny Farms & Imagine Farm and there is free yoga in the park at 10am.


The Legion Park Farmers Market
Find us selling plants, gardening supplies and more at the best market in Miami! EBT benefits are doubled through a grant at the Urban Oasis Project market booth. Market runs every Saturday through the year rain or shine.

Legion Park
6601 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami FL 33138

Every SATURDAY from: 9am - 2pm


The beauty of summer gardening extends far into the fruit realm in our lush tropical climate. You'll need to be just a bit more patient for fruit crops, although there is a juicy list of crops we can grow that will bear fruit within one year. Our favorites are bananas and plantains which will require a large space, but can also serve a double purpose if you plant them in a circle to create what is known as a "banana circle". Banana circles are commonly used in Permaculture design and food forest designs as a composting system. Some of the other one-year fruit crops we like to recommend are pineapples, papayas, passionfruit, Barbados cherry, mulberry, guava and starfruit.

Summer isn't just for fruit though, we can also grow herbs, spices, medicinals, greens and some heat tolerant vegetables. Check out our selection of season appropriate plants for your home garden for a good idea of what you can plant for summer. Going with the flow of the seasons, instead of fighting them, is the easiest way to enjoy gardening and experience success. If you haven't heard of some of the plants we suggest for summer, thats understandable and very normal. Many of our more humidity tolerant varieties aren't well known in America but they are incredibly popular sources of food in their countries of origin like Thailand, Suriname, Laos, and Australia.

Explore our summer inventory by choosing a category of plants below:

Fruit & Spice Trees

Summer Greens

Summer Herbs & Medicinals

Assorted Veggies