African Potato Mint 1 gallon

$ 12.00 

African Potato Mint
Plectranthus Esculentus

days to maturity:
plant spacing: 2 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: spreads like a mint
harvest notes: harvest tubers 120-200 days after planting

African Potato Mint is such a rare and specialty plant. It is c alled “potato mint” because it is in the mint family, its leaves are not used as an herb, but rather its grown for its sweet and nutritious tubers. Indigenous to Southern Tropical Africa this plant is a staple root crop there, and has been brought to South Florida because our climate is so similar. This perennial plant is usually grown as an annual, so the root can be harvested young, however it can be replanted after harvest or it grows well from cuttings. Plant in full or partial sun somewhere where the plant can crawl along the ground, making a spreading ground cover. Harvest tubers 120-200 days after planting.