Black Beauty Eggplant

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Black Beauty Eggplant
Solanum Melongena

days to maturity: 74 days
plant spacing: 2 Square Feet per plant
sunlight requirement: 8 - 14 Hours
look out for: Tomato Pinworm especially in the summer months.
harvest notes: Pick regular-sized eggplants at 4-5 inches long, 60-70 days after transplanting into the garden. Look for firm fruits, with a glossy shine. Dull skin is a sign that the plants are overripe. Overripe fruit turn brownish and the flavor may be bitter.

This 100 year old standard heirloom type eggplant has large bell-shaped fruits range from 1-3 lbs and have a slight signature ribbing. Medium to thick skin is deep purple, and glossy when mature. This variety needs a long season which luckily we can offer it here in Miami. It will mature later in the season offering an abundant harvest of large fruit. Eggplants can be planted and grown year round in Miami due to our weather but plants will be less prone to insect attacks and will bear more fruit during winter.