Black Krim Slicing Tomato

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Black Krim Tomato
solanum Lycopersicum

days to maturity: 70 days
plant spacing: 1 per square foot, trellised
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours hours
look out for: all the pests love tomatoes, they require a good amount of management
harvest notes: harvest fruit after allowing it to vine ripen

Within the large tomato genre, Black Krim is our all time favorite. This variety hails from the Black Sea, near the Crimean Peninsula of Russia, where warm influences from the Black Sea make summers perfect for growing tomatoes. Heat-tolerant Black Krim has a dark brown-red color that gets even darker in hotter weather. Always a favorite in taste tests, Black Krim has a flavor that is described as tangy, rich, and sweet. It makes beautiful dark slices. It is prone to cracking, so be sure to water regularly, especially when there is not enough rain, to avoid cycles of wet-to-dry-to- wet-to-dry soil that causes the fruit to crack. Vigorous plants grow best with strong staking or tall cages, plus you’ll have to support the fruit once the vines get loaded so they don’t break off before they ripen.