Boar Hog Bush

$ 5.00 

Boar Hog Bush
callicarpa hitchcockii

days to maturity:
plant spacing: 1 plant per 6 square feet
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours
look out for: nothing!
harvest notes: not edible 

Boar Hog Bush is a beautiful and easy to care for plant native to the Bahamas and the islands north of Cuba. We found these few rare specimens at a random local ornamental plant nursery and we could tell that it was related to some of our favorite plants (moujean tea, lippia alba, native lantana) based on its leaf & flower shape and it took us ages to properly identify it using a book about pollinators in the Tropics. Turns out this subtle little shrub is pretty rare! We were attracted to them by the color of their stems, which is like a shimmery gold dust, and the dark green leaves seem to glisten in the sun too. Pollinators like sulphur butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love the tiny purple flowers and the plant will thrive in our sandy and well draining native soil. If this plant grabs your attention make sure to scoop one up, as we may not have more in stock for years!