Brahmi aka Bacopa

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Bacopa aka Brahmi
bacopa monnieri

days to maturity: 
plant spacing: 1 plant per 4 square foot, creeping
sunlight requirements: 6-10 hours
look out for: spreading
harvest notes: harvest branches when needed

Brahmi, aka Bacopa aka waterhyssop is a plant that grows wild in wet areas here in South Florida and is prized for its medicinal uses. It has been proven in contemporary medical studies as an effective treatment for improving memory, anxiety, stomach ailments and as a general tonic to fight stress. It’s flavonoid and alkaloid chemical content make it a valuable medicinal herb. Bacopa is quite a potent herb so if you are going to incorporate it into your health practice please consult your herbalist or natural doctor first. This plant is amazingly easy to take care of because its pretty much a “weed”. it loves mucky poorly drain- ing soil and wet damp areas which many other plants hate, so it might be just what your garden needs!