Chandler Strawberry

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Chandler Strawberry
Fragaria x Ananassa

days to maturity: 60 days
plant spacing: 4 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours hours
look out for: slugs snails and mammals stealing your fruit
harvest notes: harvest when it blushes so others don’t get to it first

The vigorous, high-yielding, June-bearing Chandler strawberry plants produce very desirable strawberries. Chandler strawberries are very large, firm, and produce early-season to mid-season. The strawberries vary from being long and wedge-shaped to large and conical. They are a brilliant red color, glossy, and have an exceptional flavor profile. Chandler is a desirable Florida Strawberry because it has been bred to flower and fruit even during a short day season, like our winter months. It is technically a “june bearing” but since its hotter here than most of the U.S., expect your strawberries to come on earlier in the spring. If you’re going to plant a strawberry patch this year, we recommend doing a bit of research on , as they have tons of information on how to plant, fertilize and care for strawberries in the Florida Garden, however we’ve found that getting your plants to make a handful of precious and delicious fruits during the season is pretty easy to do. Cut your plants runners off before they get too big and make the parent plant use its energy to make fruit & flowers instead.

Image Courtesy of Nourse Farms.