Chocolate Mint

$ 5.00 

chocolate mint
mentha x piperita “chocolate”

days to maturity: 70 days
plant spacing: 1 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 4-14 hours
look out for: crawling plant taking over your garden
harvest notes: prune new growing tips down to the base

Arguments abound about wether chocolate mint deserves its own cultivar latin name as it is a very close hyrbid to normal spearmint, however when comparing the two plants side by side there is a clear visual and aromatic difference in the two plants. Close your eyes, imagine a thin mint, and take a bite of a chocolate mint leaf. Tastes familiar? The hint of chocolate in this variety makes it popular as a baking ingredient Mint is forgiving in the garden and can tolerate part sun or full shade and likes to remain most. Be careful when planting mint in your raised bed as it will take over via its aggressive root runners. We recommend keeping your mint in a large pot (much bigger than the one we sell the seedling in!) because mint loves crawling and spreading. 

Image courtesy Fedco Seeds.