Chrysanthemum Greens aka Shungiku Seed Packet

$ 4.00 

Chrysanthemum Greens aka Shungiku
Glebionis Coronaria

Kitazawa Seed Co.
1200 -1400 seeds per packet
days to maturity: 40-50 days
plant spacing: 4 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: leaf miners
harvest notes: harvest branches 6” down from tip

This highly valued Japanese vegetable green is an edible chrysanthemum and has serrated, dark-green aromatic leaves. The serrated leaf type has a flavor that is stronger than the round leaf type and intensifies with maturity. This easy to grow, cool weather plant has high yields and produces many side shoots. If you’re into adventurous greens this might be a fun thing for you to try out in your garden. While these are chrysanthemums they dont tend to make many flowers in our climate but they make big beautiful tasty healthy plants through winter.

Shungiku greens are also a popular plant for micro greens so if you’re going to use this packet of seeds for micros this is a good option.