Collard Greens

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Brassica Oleracea

days to maturity: 60
plant spacing:
sunlight requirements: 4-14 hours
look out for: worms
harvest notes: harvest outer leaves when large and leave small ones in center to mature

Collards aka Collard Greens are a great option for greens growing in South Florida. Collards are in the same family as kale and they are just as versatile and just a little bit more fibrous. Once you know how to cook collards correctly you’ll fall in love and the opportunity to grow your own in the garden will seem like a gift from mother nature. Collards are the most heat tolerant plant in the brassica family and can even thrive through our humid summer months. Collard leaves are high in vitamin C and soluble fiber and are sooooo easy to grow! The large dinner plate style cabbage leaves make for a beautiful large garden plant that can be planted in your raised bed or in a food forest style garden system.