Bulam Squash

$ 5.00 

Bulam Squash
Curcurbita Moschata

days to maturity: 70 days
plant spacing: 1 square foot, vining
sunlight requirements: 10-14 hours
look out for: powdery mildew & worms
harvest notes: harvest male flowers to eat and fruit at 4” diameter

This is a Korean summer squash hybrid nicknamed avocado squash because of its appearance. If you are searching for a summer squash to grow in the tropics, this is the one! It is a vigorous vine that produces oval fruit with thin, glossy, light green skin, and flesh that is similar to zucchini. They are ready to harvest as soon as 8 days after flowering. Ripe fruits measure about 4” in diameter, are 5-6” in length, and weigh about 14 oz although if you leave them on the vine they get giant just like most other summer squash. This hybrid delivers superior flavor—better than zucchini, say its loyal fans, like our favorite farmer Chris French and his favorite customer Chef Roel of Mandolin Aegean Bistro. Chef Roel slices the Bulam squash super thin and uses is to make a summer squash tart for their daily specials board.

Photo of 3 happy harvested Bulam squash by expert local gardener Tien of  @delectable.day