Cuban Oregano

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Cuban Oregano, White and Green
Plectranthus Amboinicus

days to maturity:
plant spacing: 1 plant every 4 feet
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: spider mites and mealy bugs
harvest notes: fast growing, enjoy often

For some reason, this hardy, fragrant herb has collected an extremely long list of nicknames, ranging from the powerful mother of herbs, mother of all herbs, queen of herbs, to the practical five in one herb, five seasons herb, all herb, five spice herb, to the international and confusing Chinese three in one, Spanish thyme, Mexican mint, Puerto Rican oregano, and Indian borage. Cuban oregano thrives in a variety of different soils, light and water conditions, and is easily propagated by placing cuttings in moist potting soil or water until new roots form. Due to its ease of cultivation and similarity in flavor to oregano, this herb is frequently used in commercial food products as a substitute for traditional varieties of oregano. It is also often added to salads, marinades, or as a seasoning for poultry. In India, the thick leaves are dipped in chickpea batter and fried, yum. Medicinally, it is used to treat a variety of ailments, from colic too malaria to scorpion stings. It also encourages lactation in new mothers, promotes liver functioning, and, if you’re a fan of using oregano oil, using this fresh herb is a way of receiving all the benefits its volatile oils have to offer.