Cutting Celery

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Cutting Celery
Apium Graveolens Var. Secalinum

days to maturity: 85 Days
plant spacing: 2 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 8-14 hours
look out for: slugs and snails
harvest notes: Cut the plants 3/4 way down the stems, so that they can continue growing

While South Florida home gardeners can grow true celery here it can take a long time and the texture is never right. Stringy, firm, and hollow hot weather celery isn’t much to write home about. So we have switched to growing cutting celery for getting the celery flavor out of the home garden. Use the leaves and stems for flavoring soups and other dishes like you would celery or its close relative parsley. Celery and cutting celery both need lots of water so make sure their soil has plenty of organic matter to retain moisture. Partial shade is ok.