Sylvetta Wild Arugula

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Sylvetta Wild Arugula
Diplotaxis Tenuifolia

days to maturity: 50 days
plant spacing: 2 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: aphids and yellowing plants when its too moist
harvest notes: harvest flowering branches and flowers

Sylvetta arugula is a variety of wild arugula. This arugula is a cool season herb, but it can withstand the heat of summer and continue to produce new leaves. The plant can reach heights of 12 to 18 inches once it starts flowering which it will do throughout its lifespan while still making you delicious green leaves too. The flavor is peppery with a bite, a bit more intense than common arugula. We love having one plant of Sylvetta arugula in our home garden because its a fun addition to a fresh picked salad. the plants don’t look like much now but they become very large as they branch (which normal arugula doesn’t do) and flower constantly making themselves into a big wild spicy arugula mess! And we mean that in a good way! we are always impressed by dragons tongue arugula specimens that we see around town, producing tons of wild looking pungent ornamental leaves.