Green Mizuna Mustard Seed Packet

$ 4.00 

Green Mizuna Mustard
Brassica raps Japonica group

Kitazawa Seed Co.
1500-2000 seeds per packet

Days to Maturity: 21 days for baby, 45-50 days for mature
Plant Spacing: 1-12 per square foot
Sunlight Requirements: 6 - 14 hours
Look Out For: aphids & worms
Harvest Notes: harvest any time depending on plant spacing and how you like to use it in the kitchen

Mustard greens of all types from scarlet frill to mizuna are incredibly easy to grow in Miami. If you’re a beginner or interested in eating tons of fresh greens from the garden, make sure to plant a few different varieties. We sell plants and seeds of our favorite types but there are way more colors, shapes and textures out there. Mustard is also great direct seeded and eaten young, like arugula… which fun fact: is a mustard green! If you’ve ever bought “spicy mix” from us or French Farms, that is a mix of baby bok choi, mizuna mustard, and red leaf Ms. America mustard, all harvested at 21 days old.

Spunky, spicy and soulful describe the taste of mustard greens that add a pungent, peppery flavor to recipes in which they are featured. Mustard greens originated in the Himalayan region of India and have been grown and consumed for more than 5,000 years. Mustard greens are a notable vegetable in many different cuisines, ranging from Chinese to Southern American. As an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), and manganese, mustard greens give us high level support for four conventional antioxidant nutrients. But the antioxidant support provided by mustard greens extends far beyond these conventional nutrients and into the realm of phytonutrients.