Himo Togarashi Pepper

$ 5.00 

Himo Togarashi
Capsicum annuum

Days to Maturity: 80 days
Plant Spacing: 1 Plant per Square Foot
Sunlight Requirement: 6 - 14 Hours
Look out for: White Fly & Spider Mites
Harvest Notes: pick fruit green or red

We met this unique pepper this summer in the fields of Evan Chender aka The Culinary Gardener, a specialty culinary crop farmer just outside of Asheville North Carolina. We're always looking for peppers that grow like spicy ones but are sweet, because spicy peppers do much better in South Florida than sweet ones do. This Japanese Heirloom looks like a spicy Thai Chilli but it has zero heat. The plants look super cool with all of the peppers hanging off of them like strings, which is "himo" in japanese.