Jambalaya Okra

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Days to Maturity: 50 days
Plant Spacing: 1 - 3 plants per square foot
Sunlight Requirement: 8 - 14 Hours
Look Out For: mites, aphids
Harvest Notes: Pick okra very regularly when thumb sized

Jambalaya is a standard & traditional green okra variety. Pods are very uniform and should be picked at about 3-4 inches long. Oftentimes people complain about okra being too tough or fibrous and that all has to do with when they are harvested, so once your plant starts producing make sure to check for new fruit to harvest every day. While okra is one of our less popular veggie plants we very enthusiastically recommend it especially for beginners because its so productive and easy to grow. If you dont like the “slimy” texture thats because you aren’t cooking it properly! Okra wont taste slimy if its made into a stew or a curry because the slime will become part of the sauce, or you can bake them and dry it out.