Kermit Eggplant

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Kermit Eggplant
Solanum Melongena

days to maturity: 60 days
plant spacing: 2 square feet per plant
sunlight requirement: 8 - 14 hours
look out for: hornworms, white flies, scale
harvest notes: choose eggplants that are firm, glossy, and heavy for their size. the calyx should look fresh and cling tightly to the eggplant. 

Compact plant produces high yields of small 2” round green eggplants with striped white shoulders. This variety produces pretty eggplants that is non-bitter. Young eggplants are very tasty and can be eaten fresh or cooked. Perfect size for single serving. Excellent in Thai dishes. It is widely grown by commercial farmers in Southeastern Asia. Excellent choice for home gardens, market growers, and open field production. A variety from Thailand. Eggplants are a common ingredient in Thai cuisine because they readily absorb flavors and can add a cooling element to spicy, hot dishes. Kermit eggplants are used in the popular Thai dish geng kyaw wan, which is a soup-like green curry. Kermit eggplants add a slightly bitter flavor to the sweet tasting curry and are used as a dish balancing ingredient along with other vegetables and chicken and served over rice.

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