Molokhia Spinach Seed

$ 4.00 

Molokhia Spinach
corchorus olitorius

Kitazawa Seed Co
900-1000 seeds per packet

days to maturity: 60 days
plant spacing:  3 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: thrips and mites 
harvest notes: harvest by picking leaves or pruning whole plant back

Molokhia (also spelled Mulukhiyah, molokheyya or mulukhiyyah) is a very weird unique but ancient egyptian plant that fits squarely in the “weird spinach like greens” category of plants that South Floridians grow when its too hot for “normal” spinach. Like with amaranth & calalloo the name refers to both a plant and a traditional dish made from that plant. Its popular in the middle east, East Africa & North Africa and is called "Saluyot" in the Philippines. This mucilaginous green is eaten slow stewed with chicken or chicken broth till it makes a stewed greens dish (much like calalloo!). This plant is super easy to grow in our climate and is a great addition to a creative cooks kitchen garden, especially during spring & summer.