Nebuka Scallions Seed Packet

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Nebuka Scallions Seed Packet
Nebuka Scallions Seed Packet
Nebuka Scallions Seed Packet
Nebuka Scallions Seed Packet

Scallions Aka Bunching Onions
Allium Fistulosum

Nebuka Bunching Onions
Kitazawa Seed Co. 

days to maturity: 65 days
plant spacing: 6 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: root rot caused by overwatering
harvest notes: harvest whole scallions by pulling plant or cut above the soil and let them regrow

Fun fact: bunching onions are scallions. They are the easiest onion family plants we can grow in South Florida and luckily we can grow them most of the year without complications. You can squeeze about 6 clumps of scallions into one square foot in your garden, and you can either choose to harvest them from the roots and use the whole thing, or cut them just above the soil and let them regrow a few times during the season. The difference there is that if you cut and come again you wont get the tender white blanched bases which are more prized by chefs. If you want to take your scallion growing game to the next level, consider “mounding” soil up around the base of the plants 2 times before harvesting, to make the blanched section of the scallion longer and longer. Soil that is rich with compost holds water longer, which the scallions like, therefore amend the planting area with fresh compost before planting your scallions. Aesthetically, we love having a scallion patch in a kitchen garden because they add a very different texture, shape and growth pattern to the garden with their upright pointy shiny smooth stalks.