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Mentha X Piperita

days to maturity:
plant spacing: 2 plant per square foot
sunlight requirement: 6 - 14 hours
look out for: snails and slugs
harvest notes: cut 2"-4" inch branches from plant

Peppermint is a very easy to grow and popular hybrid of the mint family that is very similar in growth habit and flavor to spearmint but is slightly more sharp flavored; think candycane flavor instead of gum flavor. Peppermint oil has a higher content of Menthol than spearmint so it has a more medicinal and sinus opening flavor. Mint is forgiving in the garden and can tolerate part sun or full shade and likes to remain most. Be careful when planting mint in your raised bed as it will take over via its aggressive root runners. We recommend keeping your mint in a large pot (much bigger than the one we sell the seedling in!)