Rainbow Kale

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Rainbow Kale
Brassica Oleracea

days to maturity: 65
plant spacing: 1 per square foot
sunlight requirements: 4-14 hours
look out for: aphids in the creases of leaves
harvest notes: harvest outer leaves and allow smaller interior leaves to mature

Rainbow kale is another ornamental and delicious kale that we like to plant in gardens throughout Miami because it’s easy to grow, beautiful, and diverse in the kitchen and salad bowl. Every seed produces a slightly different colored and shaped plant but they all have purple toned stems & stalks and silvery blue grey frilly leaves. Curly kale varieties can be more prone to aphid infestations because the pests love the little curves and creases in the leaves but they also make better salads for the same reason; the dressing and fun flavors get to hang out in those same pockets of space. We recommend adding a rainbow kale to the brassicas you’re planning to plant in your garden this year.

Image courtesy Fruition Seeds