Red Malabar Spinach Seed

$ 4.00 

Red Malabar Spinach Seed
Red Malabar Spinach Seed
Red Malabar Spinach Seed
Red Malabar Spinach Seed

Red Malabar Spinach
Basella Rubra

Kitazawa Seed Co
75-100 seeds per packet

days to maturity: 50 days baby; 85 full size
plant spacing: 1 square foot with trellising
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: plant getting huge
harvest notes: harvest giant paddle like leaves directly off of purple stem or clip growing tips for shoot style harvest

Red malabar spinach is a very weird unique tropical vining plant that fits squarely in the “weird spinach like greens” category of plants that South Floridians grow when its too hot for “normal” spinach (which is pretty much all year…). This beautiful greens variety makes a fast growing rubbery red vines covered in dark green savoyed spinach-like leaves. When it flowers it makes very unique white & lavender flowers that produce neon magenta juice that can be used for dyeing when ripe. Consider adding this vigorous heat tolerant grower to your garden in the “shoulder seasons” like fall and spring, when its too hot for some of the more popular veggies like lettuce, snap peas & spinach to keep your garden looking good and producing food for a longer amount of time. Just as with normal spinach, avoid cooking this “mucilaginous” plant too long or it'll become unpalatable, gooey and gross.