Scraps: making fire cider, vinegar & vegetable broth with kitchen scraps!

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Join Evelyn Block of Seed & Bone for her final workshop of this season; a creative romp through the world of food scraps. As sustainability minded individuals we are always striving to make more use use of what we have while also making less waste. One way to reduce waste in the kitchen is to use your savory scraps to make broths, and use your sweet scraps to make fruit vinegars. While both of these processes can be quite simple learning the basics may feel daunting. Evelyn and Little River Coops main fermenting enthusiast farmer Tiffany will provide the group with basic instructions for making these two pantry staples with what you have on hand. 

Since we will need some scraps to make use of we will also be making a tropical Fire Cider in this class! Fire cider is a traditional folk recipe for a medicinal vinegar based tonic that has been used for decades to boost immunity & overall health. Recipes online vary by region since makers of this spicy, antimicrobial health tonic typically grew and foraged the ingredients, so we are putting a tropical spin on ours. We will be using locally grown & foraged ingredients for our spin on a traditional fire cider, and then the scraps from that hands on activity will go into the making of a broth & a scrap vinegar. 

Class will begin with an introduction to the health benefits of incorporating easy to digest broths and healthy microbe filled raw fermented vinegars into your diet and how to go about making them simply at home. We will have broths and fruit vinegars from our pantry to share with the group. Herbalist Evelyn will then break down the vital components of fire cider and what they do to make this tonic so powerful, trusted and potent, before we get our knives out and make fire cider together. Each workshop participant will make and take home a 16oz jar of fire cider and a printed hand out with recipes, keywords & resources for you to continue your journey of turning scraps into power packed ingredients in your own kitchen. 

What: Scraps workshop: making fire cider, vinegar & vegetable broth with kitchen scraps! 
When: Saturday April 18th, 11am - 1pm
Where: Little River Coop Nursery, 771 NW 24th street in Allapattah