1.5 pounds large heirloom tomatoes from Teenas Pride Farm

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three large vine ripened heirloom tomatoes grown by Michael Borek Farms in Homestead Florida, weighing roughly 1.5 pounds. 

If you want more than this amount, just buy multiples of this product. Add this to your French Farms Salad Box or buy this item a la carte. 

A note on food handling: All produce was washed in an Organic Certified sanitizing solution after harvesting, and will be packed into a box when you order it by a farmer wearing a N95 mask and gloves. Our produce cooler is parked in a driveway and not attended by a person, so you wont likely run into anyone during your pickup. Sanitation spray will be waiting for you to use on the door handle before and after pickup. 

Buy this item a la carte or add it to a French Farms Salad Box. 

Once your order is packed up and ready for you to pick it up at our cooler in Biscayne Park we will email you with the address and further instructions.