Thai Basil Seed Packet

$ 4.00 

Thai Basil Seed Packet
Thai Basil Seed Packet
Thai Basil Seed Packet
Thai Basil Seed Packet

Thai Basil
Ocimum Basilicum

Kitazawa Seed Co. 
Approx 200-400 seeds per packet 

days to maturity: 64 days
plant spacing: 1-3 plants per square foot
sunlight requirements: 6-14 hours
look out for: basil leaf miner
harvest notes: harvest whole branches 6” down

Thai basil is a member of the mint family and as such has a particular sweet flavor reminiscent of anise, licorice and clove. Popular among the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, growing Thai basil has a pleasing aroma similar to sweet basil and is generally used fresh in recipes. Also referred to as ‘Sweet Thai,’ Thai basil plants grow to a height of between 12 to 18 inches with leaves 1 to 2 inches long on purple stems with purple flowers. At the farm we prefer to grow Thai and Lemon basil varieties over the tender Genovese leaves because of their increased resistance to a pesky leaf miner that loves the basil family of plants. The leaf miner damages leaves by laying its larvae in the center causing a wound. Thai basil is less susceptible to this common pest.