Tickseed / Coreopsis - Plains

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Tickseed /  Coreopsis - Plains
Tickseed /  Coreopsis - Plains
Tickseed /  Coreopsis - Plains
Tickseed /  Coreopsis - Plains

Plains Tickseed
Coreopsis leavenworthii

days to maturity:
plant spacing: 1 plant per 2 square feet
sunlight requirements: 6-12 hours
look out for: aphids, slugs, and snails
harvest notes: cute cut flower at ever life stage!

Lacey leafed Tickseed grows in small clumps throughout the state of Florida. Sometimes forming extensive colonies, these flowers are usually found growing along roadsides and in open fields throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. In this environment they will normally self-sow, but they can also be divided in clumps. The flowers are usually yellow with tooth tipped petals, used as nectar and pollen plants for insects and pollinators alike, some even serving as food for caterpillars! The sunny, daisy-like flowers are popular in home gardens for this reason. They are also our beloved Florida’s state wildflower.