Wild Cotton (gossypium hirsutum) 30 seeds

Little River Cooperative

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  • Wild Cotton (gossypium hirsutum) 30 seeds
  • Wild Cotton (gossypium hirsutum) 30 seeds
  • Wild Cotton (gossypium hirsutum) 30 seeds
  • Wild Cotton (gossypium hirsutum) 30 seeds

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Wild Florida cotton is a weird and wonderful native plant with a contentious history. Florida Cotton is technically a native plant in South Florida, however it is now currently "illegal" to grow it in Florida due to the Cotton Industries distaste for it. During the 1900's the cotton industry was being threatened by the "boll weevil" pest, that also lives on the native cotton, and so task forces were launched to eradicate the native cotton plant. Now, because of this relationship with a powerful industry, this plant is considered endangered and illegal to grow... 

Despite these regulations we see Native Cotton plants throughout our neighborhood perhaps planted, perhaps leftover wild plants... Our first nursery lot had two trees when we moved in, and thats how we fell in love with this native fiber plant. We harvest the cotton and use it to make Q tips with kids, or just take it home to use as cotton balls. We know of a gardener in our neighborhood who was so inspired by the Wild Cotton in his yard that he bought a tiny handcrafted cotton gin, so that he could separate the seeds from the fibers of his modest harvest... 

Wild Cotton is in the hibiscus family and thusly has beautiful edible hibiscus flowers and familiar mallow shaped leaves. Unlike commercial cotton and standard hibiscus shrubs, wild cotton is a larger bush/ small tree growing up to 12 feet tall and can be as broad as it is tall. Due to its being a native it doesn't mind our organic matter poor sandy soils and can tolerate drought and some saltwater intrusion. When grown outside of the tropics this beauty should be considered a pet annual plant, and because of its quick blooming nature you should be able to receive a crop of cotton before frost. As with the roselle (cottons cousin), Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are good options for giving this tree a try. Notice how we left Florida off the list due to its "illegal" status! 

Price for seed packet includes shipping in a simple envelope. 

All seeds were harvested from our organic urban farm and plant nursery in 2018. 

Seeds have been tested for reliable germination in our nursery at 80 degree daytime temperatures. We recommend using them within 1 year of date of purchase.