Fruit Tree Installations


What kind of fruit tree planting is right for you?

Simple Fruit Trees

Growing fruit on your property is not only fun, but it’s also an important element of being self-sustaining, especially in a hot climate like South Florida which is perfect for a wide range of tropical fruits. Veggie gardens have their time to shine during the fall and winter whereas tropical fruit are in full swing during our muggy summer months. Fruit that yields quickly and is easy to grow includes bananas & plantains, mulberries, pineapples, papayas and passionfruit. If you have more space you can consider adding larger slower growing varieties like mango, lychee, avocado, strawberry tree, longan, mamey and canistel.


A Fruit Tree Guild

Once your garden is planted there is still lots to do. If you need a helping hand taking care of your garden, dealing with pest issues or getting ahead of your weeds we can help. Our super knowledgeable team of garden enthusiasts are ready to come work their magic on your garden, big or small. A typical maintenance visit consists of weeding, adding organic fertility, harvesting whats ready, replanting new crops for continual production, and organic pest management. A maintenance visit is also a great time to have any and all of your questions answered by our team. We can perform maintenance on your garden at any time however we recommend monthly visits to keep it healthy and productive.

A typical monthly maintenance visit on a 60 square foot garden costs about 400$. We do offer discounts for maintenance on larger gardens.

A Large Food Forest

Garden consultations are a great way to get a leg up on your gardening project, wether its still in the design phase and you need some advice, or you are facing challenges like pest management and stunted plant growth in your existing space. Garden consultations are basically a one-on-one class where you are in charge of the topics. Only our co-owners Muriel and Tiffany perform our hyper informative consultations so that you get the most thorough information possible. You’ll leave your consultation with all of your questions answered and a follow up email that includes any and all resources we discussed during your session. A 1 hour virtual consultation with follow up email costs $165 and that charge will go towards the cost of a future garden installation if you choose to have us help install a new garden for you. While our consultations are virtual don’t worry, we can use facetime and google earth to check out your property and look at your garden while we chat. Email us at to get started.


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