Garden Consultations

Our one-time virtual Q&A Consultation offers a personalized hour with one of our lead gardeners. These consultations are best suited for vegetable gardens. During this video call, we’ll conduct a thorough overview of your garden and offer strategic advice for optimizing your growing space. Be prepared to show us around your garden or space.

We’ll address your questions and typically cover sun exposure, plant selection, composting and organic soil recommendations. After the session, you'll receive a summary of our notes and additional resources, as well as links to our seasonal virtual workshops.


We also offer virtual and in person educational workshops with sliding scale pricing available.


We have been teaching gardening workshops to residents of South Florida for almost 10 years. We love sharing our collective knowledge with our community and making gardening less intimidating and more accessible for those who are choosing to grow their own food at home. Our main offerings are our season appropriate beginners vegetable gardening workshops, which focus on the different tasks and challenges you’ll face as you transition from Fall to Winter, Spring and finally Summer. We also offer these workshops in a virtual formal with sliding scale pricing, so that everyone can afford and access our educational materials at any time.

For intermediate and advanced gardeners we host special workshops that will help take your gardening skills to the next level, like “The Secrets of Seed Starting” in the fall, “Building Soil Naturally” in the winter and “Pirating Plants: Plant Propagation Workshop” in the summer.

We also host guest teachers from the plant community that teach participants about medicine making, dyeing with plants, fermentation and much more!





“Their education is incredible; I have avoided so many mistakes from sowing seeds to growing Miami appropriate varieties to managing pests and composting/cover cropping to build soil. Five stars!” - Oksana, 5 star google review


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